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Quality Policy

We are glad to inform that as of April 18th, 2007, our company is a holder of the ISO:9001:2001 certificate and is implementing the HACCP system.

Thanks to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, customers of Polonia Logistyka Sp. z o.o. may be sure that product manufacturing or service supply will be based on coordinated activities ensuring that every effort will be made in order to plan the process and fully perform the task in terms of organization.

The standard requirements we have implemented have considerably increased the efficiency of the company through ongoing process improvement, implementation of preventive and rectifying actions and a more comprehensive approach to the customers’ needs (Customer Satisfaction Survey).

The areas covered by certification have been inspected and assessed by an independent institution that stated with conviction that the quality of the certified services meets European standards.

The ISO certificate held by Polonia Logistyka Sp. z o.o. is valid throughout the European Union. Every year, for three years, supervisory audits are performed in order to verify whether the implemented system meets the required standards and is under ongoing improvement.

We continuously adjust our company to the dynamically changing market. In response to the predominant requirement of time-saving solutions, we are investing in high-tech software, which allows for faster performance on orders. It is a fully integrated system of freight forwarding, transportation, accountancy and commercial services and software that facilitates information exchange. The Global Positioning System included in all our transportation units enables our customers to supervise the transport of their cargoes. The GPS and fuel card system give us an up-to-date overview of the consumed fuel, number of working hours or speed of the vehicle, which allows for more efficient supervision and cost reduction.